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Discipline The Record Of A Crusade Free Download PC Game

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Log In Sign Up. What do you need help on? Cancel X. Would you recommend this Guide? Yes Discippine Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent. Guide and Walkthrough PC discipline pc game justnar Version: 1. So, this game is not for persons under the age of Arcadia, and his once-normal life immediately takes troublesome turn. After his innocence is stripped away by strange dorm mates, a nagging two-faced friend, a nymphomaniac teacher and several corrupted sports clubs he fears that things can’t get any worse.

That is, until he meets the sadistic heiress Leona Morimoto Will he fall pray to Leona and her perverted minions? Only you can determine Hayami’s fate as you navigate through the discipline pc game waters of life at St.

Arcadia, rife with romantic entanglements and kinky sex of all kinds. A resident of Hayami’s dorm and one disciplinw his classmates, she’s the only level-headed one living there and routinely gets him out discipline pc game scrapes he finds himself in. The discipline pc game main heroine. Miyazashi Yuuki. Hayami’s classmate and fellow dorm inhabitant, she’s the most adult, discipline pc game discipljne sexually charged of http://replace.me/4191.txt group.

She uses her blunt personality and sexual wiles to get her way. Kaneko Maiko. Another dorm resident in Hayami’s class, she’s the model of an emotionless, quiet bookworm. In reality she has a warped peresonality and is quite perverted. Nonomiya Discipline pc game. She looks younger than her actual age, and uses this fact to her advantage to get her way. Despite her oc looks she’s actually quite cunning, often acting with Yuuki to doscipline Hayami. Morimoto Leona.

A daughter of the rich and powerful Morimoto Group, the company that owns and riscipline St. President of the discipline pc game council and a sadist who believes the world revolves around her, once she sets her sights on Hayami she won’t let him go.

Morimoto Reina. Eldest daughter of the Morimoto Group and chairwoman of St. Arcadia’s board of directors. Even more arrogant than her younger sister, for some reason she also takes a liking to Hayami. Matsuno Kaori. Hayami’s homeroom teacher. She seems as undependable as she is young and beautiful, and discipline pc game been known to demand special “supplementary lessons” of students who gamd bad grades.

Yamanaka Kumi. The captain of the girl’s tennis club, she is fond of catching peeping toms red-handed in the locker room and having her way with them. The number discipline pc game boys she has taken captive is unknown. Himeki Karen. The vice president of Leona’s “social club”, despite her prim demeanor she’s something of a nymphomaniac. She is quite proud of her meter-plus bust measurement, and uses it to ensnare Hayami.

Endou Momoe. A member of the scripture research club and discipline pc game year Hayami’s junior. She’s weak against authority and just tends to go with the flow.

Nishizaki Yuri. She exceeds her sister in sadistic temperament. Nishizaki Momone. She is a disvipline technician with her mouth and hands. Linda Hamilton.

A genius baseball player discipline pc game from America by Leona. She can throw a killer changeup and a kph fastball. Both her baseball skills and her proportions are truly amazing. Araki Madoka. A supplementary lessons tutor. She is strong-willed and watchful, but those traits have been known to backfire Fujiwara Nanase. A member of the scripture research club in the same grade as Hayami. A “fighting friend” of Takigawa?

Itou Kaoru. Leona’s pet. He adores her, and has sworn his absolute obedience to her; at discipine he is hostile to Hayami, but gradually that begins to change Hayami’s classmate; an over-familiar, frivolous guy who likes to push his luck. He gets close to Hayami immediately after microsoft office product key 2013 professional free download transfer, but nothing discipline pc game comes of the interaction; he’s head of siscipline photography club but has some more sketchy business on the side.

Isobe Katsuo. Captain of the university baseball team. Disciplune to the team’s notorious losing streak and his equally notorious personality the club is on the verge of being closed. Takigawa Discippline. A student вот ссылка Hayami’s year and ;c member of the scripture research club. Despite the presence of very few regular guys in the school, he doesn’t really stand out. Satou Tooru. A supplementary lessons group member who seems to always be found near the bathroom.

Hold it in! Machida Kouzou. A teacher at the yame. His professional life is trampled underfoot by Leona; truly a pitiable human being. Ogiwara Eikichi. A “Great Teacher” summoned by the vice principal gsme counteract Узнать больше influence. He plans to reform her with his dreadfully severe style of hard education, but will the plan succeed?

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Discipline pc game

Shipping and handling. Summary: Hayami transfers to the previously all-girl university of St. Discover all the 24 different endings and explore all the possible


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