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Rune Factory 3 | PDF | Strategy Guide | Bamboo – Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

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You will find Branches strewn across both of your fields as well as Stumps.


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Side Quest 3 Answers. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? User Info: Martijn Martijn 10 years ago 1 can somebody tell me what every girl in this game like for gifts? User Info: Dizzen Dizzen 10 years ago 3 I’m pretty sure there are no birthday specific gifts in this game. Typhoon question. Is Marina Difficult? Is Monica a loli? Has anyone done this? Main Quest. How can i expand my storage?

Karena tak tega, Shara pun merawat kita di rumahnya dan memberikan tempat tinggal yang cukup layak. Sebagai rasa terima kasih karena sudah ditolong, yang harus kita lakukan adalah mengurus kebun yang sudah lama tak terawat. Saya tidak bisa bercerita lebih jauh lagi mengenai game ini, karena baru sebentar memainkannya, jadi jangan tanya Walkthrough ya. Name Required. Mail will not be published Required. Home Game Ringan Game Perang. By Hienzo March 22, 26 Comments. Start Download. Storage Box: weapon, armor, items, farm tools, dan lain-lain.

Fridger: untuk menyimpan sayuran, buah, ikan, bunga, bibit, obat-obatan dan hidangan yang dimasak. Calender: mengetahui tanggal dan jadwal penting. Click Here To Download.

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Rune Factory 3 – A Fantasy Harvest Moon ROM Free Download for NDS – ConsoleRoms.Windows 10 system restore not working free


Link’s learned the hard way that status effects don’t heal when you go to bed. Don’t ask me why that’s the case, it just is. It’s also Karina’s birthday today, but for some mysterious reason I’m having trouble giving a fuck. It wasn’t a big deal, but Kuruna was mad.

She wasn’t happy with me practicing. Oh, my, I think it was because you broke the tent And Zaid is still a moron. That’s nice, you’re not getting anything. Seriously, all her likes are gemstones except diamonds, which she hates. Presumably because her mom loves them. That’s more than I feel like wasting just for birthday gift dialogue. Cucumbers and turnips are ready.

But the Pink Turnips are still growing. Oh, this isn’t for my daughter’s birthday or anything! Way easier to just buy the seeds. On that note, I murder a couple yam plants to make way for glorious spinach. And the Pink Turnip’s coming in fast.

Fun fact: Even though Link’s engaged to be married, the requests from the other girls don’t go away. Even the obviously romantic ones. Nothing but your conscience is stopping you from being the town playboy. Things I love: Mining, growing crops, not having anything interesting to show off.

OK, this is semi-interesting. I’d want one of these if I was taking the Sharance Labyrinth even remotely seriously – it shortens each floor to its entrance and the boss room, turning it from something only a literal insane person would attempt to mere tedious engame bullshit. It’s tomorrow the days seriously go quick when you don’t even have dialogue or quests to distract yourself with and Carmen’s got yesterday’s news for us. Thanks, Carmen.

Shara gives me an apple pie, and I engage in the time honored tradition of giving it right back to her. God help us if characters in HM-alikes ever learn to keep track of which items they gave you. This is why you didn’t get any birthday presents from me, Karina. But hey, who cares about her, the Pink Turnips are in! And what better way to celebrate than by making a sword of out poison spores, a giant fingernail, an insect hide, two smaller swords, and some gold?

I’m not a weaponologist but I don’t think you’d actually get a very good weapon out of that. But making this improbable weapon gave Link the skill to learn how to make even more weapons, including hanzo steel. If Dwarf Fortress has taught me anything, it’s that gold is actually a very good material for hammers because it’s high-density.

Alright, back to the dungeon. A warp point appears to let you go to the island without needing a lilypad magic seed or water-walking shoes, but beware – you’ll need one of those to get through the dungeon. Deep thoughts: Where, exactly, is Link putting all these turnips? The next room has a narrow path that make it hard to just race past enemies.

Still not a challenge, though. And right afterwards is the room you need a lilypad or water shoes for. Luckily it transports you just as well when it’s sealed.

The “you cannot leave the room until beating all the enemies inside” trick would be a lot more threatening if I couldn’t just Escape back to the dungeon entrance whenever I was in danger. It’d also help if the enemies were actual threats. Statue 2 is our old friend Skelefang. I don’t think Cucumbers make good replacements for bones!

Moving right along since I had the Cucumbers already. And we’ve looped back to the entrance. But with the impassable winds gone, a new path has opened up. There’s an immediate fork in the road, but the correct way to go is left. Link has basic pattern recognition? Figures they’d want more than the other statues, with two mouths to feed! No Spinach yet, so let’s skip to tomorrow. That’s good, because several months of growing yams nonstop has wrecked the growth potential of this soil.

Spinach is supposed to grow in two days, and it’s been that long without it even sprouting! Finally, I never have to harvest a Cucumber again. And here’s something that would have been very nice to have much earlier. One full charge of the Rainbow Waterpot can water half the field at once! Move aside, I have grocery store brand spinach! This mining spot spits out almost nothing but delicious gold and platinum.

It’s also far enough away from monster spawns that you can mine in peace without murdering everything first, unlike most mining spots in other dungeons. The rest of the room just exists to annoy you with curvy pathways. Man, Death Wall looks goofy as hell in statue form. You can fix cracks in ice with Turnip? The orbs! Apparently Link’s just been carrying those around for the past year. Don’t come any closer! But I know I can’t be with you! Music: Sadness Are you the one who kidnapped her?!

Give her back! Monsters and humans must not intermingle. What are you talking about? She would only be unhappy with a half-breed like you. You will only cause her pain and torment because of your vile form. I don’t have to listen to this! I shall grant her freedom. Freedom from you, Link! How do you know my name?! That is why I took control of her mind and brought her here. I will keep her until she forgets you ever existed. Link, I order you to leave Sharance! Forget about her. Take your vile half-breed form back from whence it came!

I trust her! As you wish. Click here to watch the fight! Or don’t, and just read the screenshot version with commentary. Or do both. I’m not your boss. Music: VS Aquaticus Aquaticus problem one: He’s constantly circling around the arena, making it hard to hit him and harder to do any meaningful combos or charge attacks.

I generally favor the slower, harder-hitting weapons, but he’s one case where it’d probably be easier to use the weaker-but-faster weapons. It doesn’t make enough of a difference to stop me from kicking his ass, though. The most annoying of his attacks is probably this bubble move, which both paralyzes you and temporarily puts you to sleep if you get hit by any of them.

Make sure you bring lots of Para-Gone or a paralysis cure spell, or else you’ll be in for a hell of a time. Another of his attacks is just biting you. Simple, but effective. Like every other boss, he turns red when his health gets low enough.

This makes him even faster and more annoying to hit, and makes all his attacks hit hard enough that you’ll be chugging lots of recovery potions. Summoning these things is probably his least dangerous attack.

They hang around for a bit and shoot weak lasers at you. Aquaticus’ own laser, on the other hand, is one of his most dangerous attacks – it’s enough to take off over half of Link’s HP in one go!

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